Did I kiss it and if I did, has it turned into a prince?

Image by Rolf Dobberstein from Pixabay

Life is full of mysteries — or diddly delights or onerous oddity. It’s your choice whichever way you look at anything that isn’t commonplace.

Like the time, long ago, when we were looking to buy a house in Auckland. …

Do not disturb: annual meditation in progress soon

My favorite autumn picture; photo taken by the author

The ghosts of gloom are gathering
Crawling, advancing, degree by degree
Soon, down 10° here and there
Soon, down 20° there and here.

All I wanted was to write the stories of the abused girls in the nuns’ care

Image by AD_Images from Pixabay

ONE of the few frustrations I had as a writer was when I tried to get access to a shelter for victims of abuse and unwed pregnant girls. This shelter, although sanctioned by the government, was run by a religious organization. This was in the Philippines.

At that time, I…

A short story about lies and lechery

Lady crouching in corner
Photo by Verne Ho on Unsplash

“He should be skinned alive.”

This was Lara’s usual comment each time, half in earnest, when the news at six p.m. broadcasted a lenient verdict to a perpetrator convicted of a heinous crime.

The 12-year-old’s seeming advocacy of harsh punishment to offenders did not come out of the blue. It started when she was eleven…

Merry’s bitter half unleashed

Black cat (background removed from original) photo by Natalie Birdy from Pexels and inserted on wavy sea photo by Britt Pigat from Pexels

(NOTE: Included in the conclusion of Part One: Merry’s Bitter Half is the prologue to Part Two: The One That Got Away.
Continue to read only if you are not squeamish; don’t tell me you haven’t been warned!)

AND lest you think me unhinged with regards to why I called…

Shout-out to my favorite poets

Photo by Elvie Lins on Unsplash — Thanks so much, Elvie Lins

I have started recently to write poems; not regularly, just every now and then.

But even if I occasionally write in verses and stanzas, I shan’t insult the authentic poets on this platform by calling myself a poet.


The likes of Connie Song, David Rudder, Randy Shingler, Najmu Sehar

Merry’s irreversible disconnect

Cat photo (background removed) on foreground by Natalie Birdy from Pexels added to this photo by Athena from Pexels

MY life seemed tolerable since that summer day of fishing on the Tasman Sea.

Many other fishing trips with Barry and my mother followed after that. I relished those days. …

A short story

Photo by seasonalpreferences.com

Daphne, at age 11, didn’t want four-year-old Tommy to be shuttled back-and-forth to each parent; much like her, a joyless child of divorced parents.

DAPHNE was in holiday mood and mode. And why not? She was on holiday in New Zealand, her first break in six years from work as…

Summer is over

Bountiful marigolds grace my back garden each summer; photo credit to the author

Summer is over, it had its day
and autumn is well under way,
But the marigolds keep on going
The bees on blooms keep visiting.

Begonias planted in mid-summer
looked unwell like a sorely ill leper,
But lo! all the buds bloomed a-peppy
Jolting the marigold chums all a-lusty.


A short story

Photo by Cheng CJ from Pexels

Jenny is my friend. She writes romance and is very good at it, as proved by her book sales, and the huge number of her fan mails.

The romance novels she writes are not the erotic kind. She perpetuates, instead, the old-fashioned type of love and romance. If there were…

Josephine Crispin

Published author, editor, storyteller; her books are available on Amazon Kindle and some on pinoypub.ph

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