Are they migrants or vagrants? Should they be culled for abusing the kindness of their host country?

Lest you accuse me of baiting you with a controversial headline, let me assure you. That isn’t so.

Clickbaits are mostly past their cheat-by, er, I mean sell-by date. Readers could only be tricked once or twice. Once they are clued in on who the writers are using clickbait headlines to fish for reads, the ruse will be up. And even if readers click on the story link of a known clickbaiter, they would check the story with a raised eyebrow, ready to swear.

The “migrants” being referred to in the story are natives of North America. Most varieties are…

Or is not knowing which way is north a symptom of insanity?

That I lack a good sense of direction would not surprise people who are close to me. I am probably one of the most incapable persons on earth when it comes to finding my way even after being in a particular place dozens of times.

Yes, I’m that bad. But I can remember landmarks. Getting there, however, would be difficult for me.

This is probably why I never learned to drive — I didn’t even attempt to learn how to drive. The unconscious worry of losing my way must have zapped my interest in driving.

People with built-in compass in their heads

My husband is the total…

Did she resign over fear from a gang of rejected writers or fury over incorrect word connectors?

NOTE: In my long and eventful career as writer (and editor), not once was I interviewed about my life as editor. Not even by students for their group project or essay submission for their school. No. Not at all.

It is, somehow, understandable.

What is an editor, anyway, to interviewers? It’s just a name below the editor-in-chief’s or managing editor’s name, framed in the editorial box of a magazine.

In non-fiction books, the editor’s name, if you can find it, is somewhere before the flyleaf, like an afterthought.

In case you could not find the editorial box in a particular…

From the book The Romance Fantasist

IF Jessamine thought that she had heard it all, she was wrong.

Lily, to that day, continued her illegal activities — despite her husband’s wealth.

“How am I able to do that?” she asked Jessamine, her eyes aglitter with amusement. She was obviously enjoying the writer’s wide-eyed perplexity on how Lily could still “earn” easy money the way she used to, when she no longer worked with Customs.

The sun had just started to rise in the east. Its soft yellow-orange glow peeking through the tall tropical trees rising between bungalows, which dotted the western part of the island report.

From the book The Romance Fantasist

Foreword: Jessamine Hill is a successful romance novelist whose previous research included conversations with people who shared with her their love life.
When freed from the constraints of her happy-ending-only book contracts, she decided to write about the more poignant side of true love stories she has collated over many years.
Jessamine believes that the other side of romance mirrors pure love and its realities.
This is one of a collection of love stories from behind the inky veil of romantic fantasies she used to weave.

There is love
And there is love -
Some are strong
Some weak
Others steadfast, fleeting, forgiving, vengeful,

Lesson from a drunken honeybee

The Drunken Bee

THE first time I heard the phrase, drunken bee, I thought it was just a turn of words. A jokey phrase, if you will.

It was summer at the time, two years ago. I was in the back garden when I saw a dead honeybee on one oak chair. The garden furniture was close to where a riot of blooms — marigolds, dahlias, sunflower, lupins and mariposa blues — abound.

The next morning, I saw another dead honeybee on the table in the back garden. Another drunken bee, I thought. I was troubled, but only briefly.

Then I thought nothing…

The secret sauce is actually no secret at all.

Writers are often advised to write about what they know. The Internet is peppered with this guidance, that writers should opt to write about what they know best, or are familiar with.

In fact, I gave the same tip to aspiring or budding writers in my blog and in my Facebook group. But take note of the operative words here, the adjectives for the noun writer aspiring and budding.

These two words describing a writer could only refer to someone who aims to pursue writing as a profession, or one who is in the early stages of writing as…

Are you parent #1 or a ‘parent who has given birth’?

I AM a mother.

And many of you are either a mother, or thinking of becoming a mother in your future, or maybe considering to adopt a child.

But, do we want to be called “parent #1” or “parent who has given birth”?

Manchester University advised its staff against the use of “mother” and “father”.

In its recent advisory, it stated that gender-neutral terms should be used such as parent and guardian.

So could it mean that when filling out forms, one would fill in parent #1 and parent #2?

Maybe parent #3 if applicable? Like in cases of surrogacy?

The toxicity of always showing up for other people

NOTE: An article by Graceygee, one of Medium’s top writers, about showing up for yourself touched a deep chord in me.
It reminded me of my very dear friend, Anna (not her real name).
For me, she is the most selfless person in the world. I will stop short of calling her a martyr, but you be the judge.

ANNA was born to a farming family. And in the Philippines, owning a small farm holding meant you are struggling.

Anna, the second in five siblings, had something special in her. …

The four-leaf clover is the universal symbol for good luck. If you don’t believe it, ask Elon Musk.

LUCK wasn’t on my mind as I walked on the path by the River Aire. It was another sunny, cloudless day, the seventh in a row which would be considered auspicious in England.

I was taking in the beauty of nature as I walked, listening to songbirds, just being in the moment.

It would be a more pleasant day, I thought to myself with a smile, if I get a sale or two of my book that needs love.

And then I saw a hare, then a second and a third. I was surprised.

Hares are nocturnal. They eat and…

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Writer, editor, storyteller, content creator; now enjoys writing sans the stress of multiple deadlines.

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