Photo Vignette

Can a leopard change its spots or a tiger change its stripes or your cat alter its hunter instinct?

Photo of leopard by designerpoint from Pixabay combined with photo of tiger by Fernando Soares

Like any creature whose basic characteristics cannot be changed, a cat will always be a hunter. Just as a leopard cannot change its spots or a tiger cannot change its stripes, a cat cannot alter its hunter instincts.

Whether the cat is kept indoors or a stray, the hunter instinct…

Photo Vignette

Knowing the difference between need and want can save the planet

Image fabricated by the author.

Can you imagine how much discipline the cat is exercising between wanting to catch the birds and needing to behave (as per its owner’s code of discipline)?

Of course, it is possible that the cat is just waiting for the right moment to strike at the birds.

On the other…

But they have to eat, too

Photo taken at Wrenthorpe Park in Yorkshire by the author

I finally remembered to carry a bag of bird food
For the tiny cuties in the park, I frequented to raise mood
On approach saw the food table, bare as expected
Bare as the trees, no berries for friends feathered.

Sunflower seeds rushed onto the table not-now bare
As good feelings…

Travel Series

It may sound delightful but the joy of travel could be spoiled when fused with work, or serious work might suffer when linked with travel

Who could resist the white sand and the clear, blue waters of Boracay? Just the author, surely. Photo by Jazz Simbulan on Unsplash

Long before digital nomadism was coined, and even longer before the Covid-driven work-from-home (WFH) arrangements came into being, I was already working when I traveled.

It started when I was living in New Zealand. I had a Monday-to-Friday full-time office job in a university. On weekends, I worked on my…

Thor a rescue dog did not know how lucky he was until he learned what fate awaits ingratitude

Thor, photo taken about 20 months after he was adopted; photo by Thor’s mum

The runt

ONCE upon a time in the far-away land of Bosnia, there roamed a homeless Caucasian Shepherd in an industrial estate. No one knew how she ended up there, especially in her condition. She was heavy with pups that were ready to drop.

And pop the pups did all four of…

Book Review

If you expect muck on his famous clients, prepare to be disappointed

Image of the book cover taken by the author

I don’t normally do book reviews. It isn’t because I lack appreciation for the creative input of authors whose hundreds and hundreds of books I have read over many years.

My love, in fact, for reading and my unstinting admiration for many authors had energized me greatly in my writing…

Josephine Crispin

Published author, editor, storyteller; her books are available on Amazon Kindle and some on

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